Toys for the Children at Packard Hospital

By Phil Endliss/Treasurer

For as long as I have been in the club, we have had a tradition of  collecting stuffed animals and toys at our annual Holiday Party for the children at the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford and most recently the Packard Children’s Hospital. In 2019 we provided over 60 toys for the children who were absolutely delighted with the gifts. 

Well, in 2020 and 2021 things are a bit different. Due to the Covid-19 pan-demic, the hospital cannot accept physical gifts.  Instead, they set up a site where organizations such as ours can accept monetary contributions with the funds being used by the hospital to purchase the toys or the children 

In 202 JAG established a page at this site with the goal of providing the hospital with $500.  The generous JAG membership blew past this goal like an F-type passing a Mustang and donated $1250 which made JAG the 11th largest donating organization.  A great result given our size.  

To visit the JAG 2021 donation page is:  CLICK HERE. So this year, instead of going to the store and buying the toys, please go to the site and donate the money you would have spent. Let’s keep this wonderful tradition alive – especially in such unusual times. 

Most of us have been very fortunate throughout lives and this small act will bring significant joy to many children who are not nearly as fortunate.

Thank you

JAG Board