"Lost in Placerville Again"

October 23-25

Announcing a drive through the historic gold country on October 23-25, 2020. JAG Past President Richard Halk has led this drive several times over the years and it was great fun. The countryside is changing though, and we may lose some of these little known but great driving byroads and bridges.  2020 may be the last time we have an opportunity to do this particular drive as a group! 

During this three-day event, we will keep to social distancing guidelines, and masks are required. 

This 3-day event will begin on Friday evening the 23rd. Members will be arriving at the Hampton Inn in Folsom (Special Rate) and then drive to Shingle Springs for an informal dinner at CT European Restaurant that evening. They are providing us with a special menu just for us!  On Saturday morning, May 24th the group will convene at the historic B-O-B Ranch (Richard Halk’s Place!) in Placerville for pastries and coffee.  Richard will then lead the group on 70 miles of crooked back roads and 8 historic bridges. Our lunch stop is at Frank’s Diner in Mosquito, where you can purchase your choice for lunch. You are encouraged to check out the menu below and Pre-Order Lunch. 

At the conclusion of the drive we will meet at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Pinos in Cameron Park for dinner. Where we will recount the number of bridge trolls we encountered and our fond fair wells. Members have a choice: You can decide whether to spend the night and return home on Sunday, or head back home after the drive or after dinner.     

Hotel reservations: HAMPTON INN 155 Placerville Road, Folsom, 916-235-7744 Ask for: Karen and the Jaguar Associate Group rate of $94.00 per night whether you want 1 King Standard or 2 Queen Standard.

Frank’s Diner:  Please email Deborah your choice for lunch. This will make getting lunch faster and easier. Individual checks will be provided.

All restaurants will be outdoor seating.

Franks Diner Lunch Choices:

All sandwiches served with House Cut French Fries or Sweet Potato Fries 
Frank’s Original Hamburger    $9.50           The Ultimate Patty Melt        $11.95

With Cheese                          $11.75           Halibut Fish Sandwich          $11.75

Garden Burger                         $9.50           Pulled Pork Sandwich           $11.25

Chicken Philly                        $11.25           Caprese Sandwich                  $8.75

Frank’s Diner:  Please email Deborah your choice for lunch. This will make getting lunch faster

Reservation Form

PLACERVILLE DRIVE, Friday-Sunday, October 23-25 2020

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         Cost: $5.00 per person x_____members  $_______

         Cost: $10.00 per person x_____guests  $________

Credit Card_________________________________

Expir. Date___/____CVC____Zip code____________

Pay Pal:  Send to Treasurer@JAGS.org

Check: Make out to JAG and mail to; JAG Treasurer, 37 Campbell Lane, Menlo Park, CA. 94025