Saturday - August 15

Even though most of the Monterrey Car Week Events have been Cancelled we still have at least ONE JAG event happening.

Our very popular JAG Potluck lunch (12:00pm) at Bird Rock on the 17 Mile Drive.  Member Linda Humber is hosting a Potluck for JAG members at Bird Rock on the 17 Mile Drive. The road may be closed to public on Saturday, so mention Linda’s name.  This is a great time to enjoy the incredibly beautiful location and swap stories with other members. 

The only other event that weekend is not a JAG event but on August 14th there is a Concours Auto Rally put on by the Rotary Club in Pacific Grove. Look for Les’s message on Groups.IO with the registration form. We hope to see you at Bird Rock on the 15th.

For this event JAG members is $5.00/person and a $10.00 fee for your guests.  So that we know how many people are likely to attend please provide your name, the number in your group and payment to Phil Endliss. Treasurer@jags.org or 650-854-6445 or use the form below.

Bird Rock Members
Guest Fee for JAG Bird Rock Picnic