JAG’s Hollister Valley Tour

Sunday, July 21st, 2019


George Barry and Andrea Butler

The drive from Los Gatos to Kirigin Cellars proved popular and so George Barry has created a new drive for JAG members, starting in Morgan Hill and ending at the DeRose Winery.  We will be eating our lunch at the 19th Hole near Hollister Airport after the Winery.

We will start our drive at Starbucks in Morgan Hill, located at 1705 Walnut Grove Ave., Morgan Hill, CA 95037. The time you should get to the Starbucks is 9:15 a.m. and the date is July 21st, 2019. There is a Chevron Gas Station at 825 E. Dunne Ave and a Shell Station at 810 E. Dunne Ave. We want to leave the Starbucks parking lot at 9:45 a.m. because this drive covers a lot of territory. The exit for the start off Hwy 101 is naturally Dunne Ave.

We will cruise the eastern side of the Santa Clara Valley skirting Hollister to continue southeast to the DeRose Winery. This Winery is located on the San Andreas Fault and is home to some of the oldest vines in California.  For those wishing taste the fine DeRose wines the fee is $10.00 per person and they will receive 10% off any purchases and 20% off purchase of a case of wine.  DeRose has been making wines in California since 1854, making them the oldest producing winery in California.  We will take approximately 1 1⁄2 hour stop here for a bathroom break and wine tasting before lunch.

After the visit at the winery, the tour will continue southeast, eventually joining Highway 25 in the Hollister Valley.  We turn left onto Hwy 25 traveling northwest, until we will arrive at Tres Pinos for lunch at the 19th Hole. Parking is on a dirt parking lot next to the restaurant, sorry.  Lunch will be in a historic building with great atmosphere and food. There is an outside seating area also, if it not too hot.  Each room or location will be responsible for collecting and paying the three bills.  There will be a limited menu to choose from but the price is reasonable.

There is also an option for our members after lunch that will take us into the historic town of San Juan Bautista where there is a bakery and two bars for afternoon cocktails and shopping, or you can continue North on Hwy 25 until it connects to Hwy101 and home.

This drive duplicates the drive George took with the GGAC and SCBMC on May 4th.  Now if you are wondering what these Clubs are, ask George at the gathering point on July 21, 2019.   Don’t be late, or you will miss out on the route directions, maps, and the lunch selection.

Please fill the reservation form below to provide a count for winery and restaurant by July 16th.  Mail the form to Phil Endliss.  There is a $5 fee for non-members to cover insurance.

Hollister Guests