Saturday August 17th

Hosted by Linda Humber and JAG members from the Monterey Area.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Monterey and Pebble Beach Car week it will be good to take time out for a relaxed picnic with JAG members and other car enthusiasts from the Monterey and Pebble Beach community.

Whether you are in the Monterey area for the week or drive down for the day, please come along to the JAG picnic on the world famous 17 Mile Drive.  On Saturday, the 17 Mile drive is closed to the public and so is unusually quiet.    As a JAG member  tell the Pebble Beach Gate staff that you are visiting Linda Humber (Linda Humber, 4017 Costado Rd, 831-574-3203) and gain entry to the 17 Mile Drive.  Whichever gate you enter from, follow the 17 Mile Drive to the Coast and Bird Rock.  Bord Rock is one of the main features of the 17 Mile drive which has a large parking lot and nearby picnic tables.

Bring your favorite food and drink for yourself and Linda Humber will provide napkins, table cloths, etc.

This highly informal grand event will kick off at 1pm and will finish when everybody leaves.

Fill in the form below and return it to Phil Endliss, so that we know how many people to expect.

Bring your favorite Jaguar, your favorite stories and your favorite picnic food. 

Make some new friends, see beautiful Jaguars and see the sites of the Pebble Beach 17 Mile Drive.