Drive and visit to

Travis Airforce Base Heritage Center  

May 20, 2017


Hosts:  Dorothy and Howard Smith

The JAG club has a unique opportunity to visit Travis Air Force Base Heritage Center which holds one of the largest collections of military aircraft on the west coast.  JAG is able to visit thanks to Enrique Ugalde of the Sacramento club for coordinating this visit.    

Museum of Military Aviation History: The Museum has a representative collection of American military aircraft from various periods: fighters, bombers, trainers, cargo and liaison aircraft.  The exhibits showcase Jimmy Doolittle and the Tokyo Raiders, the 15th AF in World War II, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Consairway story, the Berlin Airlift, and the history of Travis AFB with special emphasis on the Korean war, the Vietnam war and other significant military missions.


Additional Attractions: Other exhibits include a space capsule for children, air force uniforms, the nose of a World War II glider, World War II aircraft recognition models, a Link Trainer (simulator), displays of aircraft engines, and the cockpits of a T-28, a T-37, and an F-100.

The Center has a large outdoor exhibit which includes B-52D, B-29, Flying Boxcar, and over 20 other planes of various vintages.     We will be able to drive our Jags out on the field and photograph them under the wings of the airplanes.


All visitors over age 18 must present a photo ID and be subject to a criminal background check in order to visit.   We must collect date of birth and Social Security number and register ahead of time so the base can obtain background checks.   

We will have a 9 AM start point in the South Bay picking up members in the Danville and 9:30 Peninsula starting point for the drive.   If you wish to meet us there we will convene outside the gate to enter as a group at 10:30 am.  


From I-80 in Fairfield, exit at Air Base Pkwy / Waterman Blvd and proceed 4.2 miles to Travis Air Force Base. All non-military visitors that do not possess a DoD issued ID card must provide information to Dorothy Smith to obtain entry clearance by May 5.


We will have a buffet lunch as a group at a cost of $30 per person (JAG Member) $35 for Non-Members.   

Send Payment to Phil Endliss at 37 Campbell  Ln.   Menlo Park, CA 94025  (check, Paypal or credit card)   Make checks out to JAG  Phil’s number is (650)-323-2627

Travis JCNA Members
Travis Guest Attendees