Drive and lunch at Oak Farm Vineyards

Sunday, June 25th


Hosts:  Jay and Joanne Smith

(NOTE Enrollment Closed)
une is a great month to take the Jaguar out for a drive through the side-roads of Central California enjoying the countryside before it gets too warm and too crowded.   


On Sunday, June 25th we will drive from various points around the Bay Area and converge on Oak Farm Vineyards near Lodi, CA.  Oak Farm Vineyards is renowned for their award winning Small Lot/Premium Wines. 

At Oak Farm Vineyards there are noteworthy features

  • The Historical Redwood Barn was originally built in 1864 and has been renovated with rich rustic wood and warm lighting.
  • The Great Lawn & Oak Tree beside the Zinfandel vineyard has views of the private lake.
  • Rose Garden Patio with Arbor lies between the Barn & Tasting Room,  The garden patio is lined with gorgeous white roses and lush seedless grape vines that grow along the arbor trellis.   This open air location is well shaded, warmly lit with bistro lighting, and provides the fresh air from the delta breezes in the evening with vineyard views of the grounds.

  • As a bonus members can by wines at 10% discount on an wine purpchases.


When we arrive at Oak Farm Winery there will be ample reserved parking space for our Jaguars rest while the drivers and guests head into the private air conditioned meeting room. We will enjoy a generous BBQ lunch of a Sea Food Appetizer, a 2 meat barbecue, with side dishes and  dessert.  Included in the bargain price are wine tasting and water/ sodas,


(NOTE Enrollment Closed)


If you have any questions please contact Jay Smith or Les Hamilton (408)759-2921

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