JAG Electronic Communications




The JAGS.ORG web site at http://www.jags.org has been updated to include more information about the club and activities. The website now has multiple pages and includes the current bylaws, the JAGazette archives and adverts and classifieds. Also there are useful links to other Jaguar related sites.

Please review the site when you can. If you spot any errors including English spelling or missing features use the suggestion form or email webmaster@jags.org.


JAG Facebook Group & Page


JAG has both a public Facebook Page: 


where anyone can post and comment, and a closed Facebook Group: 

where access is limited to current members. If you are a current, paid member but do not yet have access, you may request access there or send an email to webmaster@jags.org requesting an Invitation.



The Jaguar Associate Group provides the JAG Groups.IO Pages (https://groups.io/g/JAGS) for Smart Phones, Tablets and PCs.  The JAG Groups.IO Page helps to simplify the communications and sharing between club members.  This system is provided by JAG for you as part of your paid up JAG membership. The system is only available for paid up JAG members. Email webmaster@jags.org to request access.

The system provides a speedy way to share discussion on almost any JAG related topic, share and view photographs, view the JAG calendar, latest JAGazette and maintain contact information for other group members.

In this application you can

• Post, read and reply to messages to the other JAG members on subjects such social gatherings, comments on items in the JAGazette, urgent announcements, and technical questions.

• Add photos to new posts that are added to the JAG App gallery.

• Check on the calendar of JAG and associated events.

• Find the location or other details of a calendar event.

• Look up contact (Phone, Email) information about fellow JAG Members

• Read the last two editions of JAGazette.