JAG Membership Form Follow up & Payment Method


Your form has been sent to the Membership Director.

If the form is for a new or renewed membership please submit payment by one of the methods below.

The initial dues are $150.00.  Dues paid after Sept 30 will be attributed to the following year and the member will be in good standing with JAG on acceptance and renewal will be due December 31st 2022.

Initial Membership  includes your dues to JAG and dues to the National Jaguar Club (JCNA), a subscription to the JCNA magazine, subscription to JAGazette, access to the JAG Mobile app, a regular badge(s) and a processing fee.  

The annual member renewal dues are $105.00 due and payable on December 31st of each year.  (Rev & Effective 10/1/20).  JCNA Members joining from other clubs pay $75.00 per year. (Does not include badges).

If this is an application or renewal, please send your payment.  Your may pay  by

  • Check (Payable to JAG) mailed to the JAG Treasurer, Phil Endliss, 37 Campbell Lane, Menlo Park, 94025,
  • or by Credit Card.  Please call Phil at 650-854-4445 with your Credit Card information
  • or via Paypal to treasurer@jags.org.   You may also use the Paypal buttons shown below.

For Inital Membership Dues after Oct 1 please use this button to pay $130.00
Pay for Membership RENEWAL using Paypal after completing and submitting the form.
Pay for JOINT membership with Paypal after completing and submitting the form
Pay for custom Magnetic Badge(s) ($25.00 per badge) with Paypal after completing and submitting the form above.