JAG Badges Orders

Please complete the form below for the windshield decals and/or badges that you would like to order.

After pressing SUBMIT to send your order, please send your payment.  Your may pay  by

  • Check (Payable to JAG) mailed to the JAG Teasurer, Phil Endliss, 37 Campbell Lane, Menlo Park, 94025,
  • or by Credit Card. Please call Phil at 650-854-4445 with your Credit Card information
  • or by Zelle. Use your bank app to transmit funds by Zelle to treasurer@jags.org
  • or via Paypal to treasurer@jags.org. Use the Paypal buttons shown after you click SUBMIT to send your order.

Thank you for your order.


The Jag Windshield Decals are 3.0 inch by 2.0 inch and printed on clear vinyl.  They adhere to the inside of your windshield or window to show you JAG CLub Membership .

The Decals are $3.00 each. Shipping is $1.00 for one or more Decals.

Please order on the form below.
The standard JAG badge is rectangular and has a magnetic attachment. 

The standard JAG badge is $10 including shipping.

If you need  to replace your standard badge(s) you can reorder below. 
The custom JAG Badge is an oval shade and has a magnetic attachment.

The Custom Badge are $25 per badge including shipping.

For Custom Badge(s) please order below.