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(10/21) FOR SALE  XJS – 67,500 miles.  
All original CA car.  British Racing Green & Tan Top and Upholstery.  Looks and runs great.  $14,000 OBO   Bob Castellano 925-963-4285
FOR SALE:1950 MK V Saloon
Silver Gray, Interior is Gray w/Blue piping, 3.5 liter, RHD, complete set of tools, luggage, 64k original miles, spats are cut open to show hubcaps, front seats show their age, 3rd owner, 1st owner repainted. Claude Dorsey (925) 363-3372,  email: cl_dorsey@outlook.com


This may be your dream car. One-owner 100% garaged Diamond Blue with navy interior 1991 XJS 12-cylinder coupe 46,100 miles on broken odometer (estimated actual mileage 56,322 as of 11/30/20). Runs fine. Needs scheduled maintenance and new tires. According to Ford, only 439 manu- factured in this configuration in 1991. Currently only driven by a little old lady (not the one from Pasadena) one day every other week to keep the battery charged. $14,000. bpwyckoff1@gmail.com 

To a Jaguar Enthusiast or Club Member

FOR SALE: a 2002 Jaguar XKR Silver/Black Coupe

I am the third owner of this 2002 XKR Coupe, and I have personally met the first two owners – a father and son – who diligently maintained this XKR. Service history exists from day one. The previous owners, prior to and following the 100K milestone, had replaced various items such as the sway bar bushings, shock absorbers, brakesand rotors, rear drive axle seals, ABS control module, radiator, and fuel pumps.

Since my ownership I have done the following: new cam chain ten- sioners and guides, upper and lower, new cam chains, new camshaft covers, new front crankshaft seal, new water pump, new belts, seals, and hoses, new front lower shock bushings and sway bar bushings, new motor mounts, and a rebuilt VIN specific throttle body from ASI. This XKR has about 183K miles, newer Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus-XL tires, plenty of supercharged power, and is a pleasure to drive. Not a show car, but a really great driving car.

Offered at $11,000. Phone Eric at 650-325-8580.



This stunning XK140 is at concours level.  It is the best of the best—none finer anywhere. Your work has been done for you and you can immediately have fun with this appreciating investment.  Comprehensive details including history, articles, interviews, videos and over 300 photos can be found at


or call Ray (585)414-5648.

Spring Clean your Garage

By Phil Endliss – JAG Treasurer

If you’re a typical classic car owner, you’ve collected lots of spare parts, tools and memorabilia you thought you needed but never got the opportunity to use. These parts are just taking up valuable space in your garage, office, storage unit or spare bedroom. And you’ve likely been asked (nicely) several times to clear them out. Now you have the opportunity to benefit two ways, remove all these articles, gain valuable storage space and secondly help out the club at the same time.  JAG will take those spare articles (and a complete car you don’t need if you’ve got one of those) and find a new home for them while adding some funds to the club reserves. For more information or to discuss your items please contact either me or Les Hamilton.


My name is Judy and I volunteer as an educator in a summer program. I am currently teaching a unit on transportation and we have been having a lot of fun learning about all types of vehicles! While searching for different bus and car models, we came across your web page. It’s an excellent resource of information. Over 65 years old club breed of car was named in respect for this wild jungle beauty with good reason, for grace and pace were inbred. In the process, production practicality and optimum utility were very much secondary goals. This very contradictory wheeled feline is nurtured in only a small plot of the transportation field. One of my students, Regina, took it upon herself to do a little “homework” and found this article about the history of the school bus. https://www.transfinder.com/resources/School-Bus-Routing-History-of-the-School-Bus. I’m actually pretty proud of her for going above and beyond the lesson in finding it on her own! 

I suggested that we share this with you because it has such great information and seems like a natural fit for your page.

Please let me know if you do happen to add it, so I can show the kids. Regina would be on cloud 9 if she saw an adult actually use her suggestion :)



Volunteer Educator