JAGazette Classified Rates

The Editor reserves the right to edit all material submitted.  The JAG, its officers, the JAGazette editor and contributors, expressly disclaim any warranty or endorsement of the services or products contained in any advertisement or mentioned in any article.  The opinions expressed by contributors are their own and not necessarily those of Jaguar Associate Group (JAG), its officers, directors, publishers or the editor of the publication. 
All classified ads must be received by the 15th of preceding month. 

Repeat ads may be reinstated by contacting the Editor on or before the 17th of month.  

Your name and phone number must accompany each ad.  

Contact Editor, Les Hamilton, Editor@jags.org, (408)759-2921
for information about placing an ad or use the form on this site.
Place a Classified Ad

For JAG members, for each car or car related ads, there is no charge.  

For non-member or commercial accounts the rate is $20 for the first 6 lines and $4 per additional line per issue.

The JAG, its officers, editor and publisher, are not liable for any errors or misrepresentations in the classified ads.