Member Application/

Information Update

Use the form below  to apply for membership or update your member information.  Please complete all required fields and other fields as needed and press the SUBMIT button (at the very bottom) to send the information to the JAG Membership Chair.

The cost of Initial Membership includes your dues JAG, your dues to the National Jaguar Club (JCNA), a subscription to the JCNA magazine, subscription to JAGazette, access to the JAG Mobile app, a regular badge(s) and a small processing Fee.  

The annual member renewal dues are $75.00 due and payable on December 31st of each  year.  (Rev & Effective 12/1/13).  JCNA Members who are paid up members of other JCNA clubs pay $45.00 per year. (Does not include badges)

After pressing SUBMIT to send your application please send your payment by check (Payable to JAG) or Credit Card information to the JAG Teasurer, Phil Endliss, 37 Campbell Lane, Menlo Park, 94025, 650-854-4445 or via Paypal to treasurer@jags.org.     You may also use the Paypal buttons shown after you click SUMIT to send your dues.