About JAG

Our first Meeting of 25 Jaguar owners was held at the Trail's End Restaurant in Oakland, California on Friday, January 21, 1955. And so was started the Jaguar Associate Group (J.A.G.) club.

Long before mankind invented the wheel, many animals were domesticated and became man's beasts of burden. Elephants, camels, dogs, horses, mules and yaks surrendered. Most curiously, the felines rebelled. Today, the lithe Jaguar remains unridden and untamed.

Our breed of car was named in respect for this wild jungle beauty with good reason, for grace and pace were inbred. In the process, production practicality and optimum utility were very much secondary goals. This very contradictory wheeled feline is nurtured in only a small plot of the transportation field.

Owners love her virtues, a simple, voluptuous elegance, the courage of her crackling snarl as she attacks unmentionable monsters in the throaty purr after her meal. Owners may swear at, but accept her vices. A famous architect once prayed, "God, give me the luxuries of life and I'll gladly do without the necessities".

The Jaguar Associate Group will always be one of the glorious luxuries of life, available to only a select few people.

Greatly plagiarized from "Jaguar Associate Group, Fifty Year History" by Lawrence Cook